Friday, May 17, 2013


Hello folks,this is my first entry after year*i think.Its quite long time to make me realize I didnt update my blog.Years gone,I graduated from UniKL-MIAT,it was July last year.But sadly I didnt attend the convocation which was held in the middle of October last year.Actually I made another step in Aviation which I already pursue my study for EASA Part 66 Basic Licensing (B2),in other word,I'm going to take Avionics license.Now,Im settling down in place so much famous with kangaroo(it almost a year,i never see any single kangaroo here),maybe some people called it Downunder,it is Australia.Yeah,its a new adventure for my for the next two years.Three and half years back,spending time taking my diploma in MIAT,sometimes I wondering why Im wasting my time there,but the brightside was,I gained experience there.The experience which money cant buy right?

I will be spending my time here in Aussie with my 3 friends,2 of them was my classmate,and the other guy is my batchmate back in MIAT. Actually,the idea coming here is not my priority.My plan was,after finish study in MIAT,I applied several companies,I sent my resume,and I actually did got the interview from one company,which is Low Cost Airline in Malaysia. One of my friend,he personally advised me to pursue my study rather than working.By the way,he established early this year becoming as a Licensed Aircraft Engineer.

He gave me this picture,I had to crop this picture because he doesnt anyone knows haha

Living here,thousands miles away from hometown quite gave me culture shock for few weeks.Want to know why?No mamak,for sure! Anney teh tarik satu,roti telur kari campur kuah dal. Theres no mamak here.And the best thing is,after 6pm,most of the shop here closed except Supermarket and fastfood restaurant.*sigh

See?this picture was taken in the middle of city,place called Southbank,it was 8pm

Okay guys,now I feel lazy to type,thanks for reading this entry.See you later mate!