Friday, July 22, 2011

Health: Pneumonia

hey is second entry of the day*hehe...jarang aku wat entry dua kali neh..dlm masa sehari :P

this entry is very2 out of my knowledge and there is medical student reading my so sorry..i dun have any knowledge about medical abbreviation or terms..hehehehe..correct me if im wrong ;)

Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung, especially of the alveoli (microscopic air sacs in the lungs) associated with fever, chest symptoms, and consolidation on a chest radiograph.

why pneumonia?

actually i got friend got this disease. i noticed, one of symptom is cough..and i thought it was normal cough...the next day he went to hospital, admitted to icu ward..

serious isnt it?
he'd been in icu for one day..and rite now in normal ward..i mean it was 4days ago when he was in icu...

the doctor who incharge told dat, due to morning mist *embun, taking shower late..can be cause of this...btw..he's working in one of airline...maintenance it is not impossible if he got this disease..working at terminal..nite shift...

as i know...this disease can be one of cause of it? advice..if u got cough...or fever..dont simply take it as common fever or cough...

heres link for Pneumonia *wikipedia; click here


puteri ain said...

can cause death ?
kena more careful after this .
thanks for the info btw :)

mohdfaiz said...

but in small number..