Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slide Raft *gapodio tuh?

err...selamat pagi... ;)
had been on aircraft before? no? yes?
have ever u thought about, how to get off from aircraft when there is emergency? terjun je cmtu? even the height is almost like 2nd floor of building*depends on the aircraft...
the solution is slide raft, or known as evacuation raft, theres two different type, one can use on water..another one cannot...
but for some cases, like aircraft like Fokker 50, or any aircraft that the height of exits to safe ground is less than 6feet, doesnt have any slide raft..

Each exit doors of the aircraft that required by authorities must have each of it..means...one exit for one slide raft...how does it works? hehehe..this time i got a video..

sorry for distraction of last scene of this video...they got too excited..ehhehe

For slide raft, it is needed to deploy less than 10seconds..and guess what...this raft is inflate by 3000psi...3000psi in less 10seconds!! quite impressive eh?
Imagine how much the pressure used, okey, let me be clear; ,mostly cars use 30-40psi for tyre pressure, meanwhile, main landing gear tyre for Boeing 777, use 200-215psi*depends on the airlines...got the idea?hehehehe

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