Thursday, June 23, 2011

100 days of....

hey there...
its already 6months i went for my On-Job-Training (ojt)*while others call it as Latihan Industri(LI), praktikal,dan lain2...but we call it as OJT.

And yup, it is stated we have been for 100days practical,*its on the evaluation form,not my calculation..maybe more or less-plus ponteng,time off,mc la bagai..hahahahha

Today, 23rd June 2011, will be our last day in MAS-KLIA, but today it is for our last briefing and we got half day. Maybe its for conclusion for our practical here. And yep, i learned alot of things here, learn how-to, learn about environment working here*i wish im working here..seriously, and mostly, here...i learn about SEALANT..ahhaha-LOL

We, 6 all of us together in Team E, shift B, went through together, working together, having fun together, went into bad things together, is 6months best of my lifetime* i wish there will be another ;)

After this, im going to Miat again, finish remaining 2semesters left, and grad. Bout my future? going for degree course?or other path?- well, let me think after this, i got a years, im not graduating yet...hahahahah

2semesters after dis, *sigh
huh...i think this will be a very long year for me, why? classes!! assignments!! these things are keep hunting me and waiting for me..huh...*malang sungguh...

rite now, im home alone, *wheres others?-perfect answer- HOME

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