Wednesday, April 13, 2011

is it just rumours?

that a330 malaysia airlines just received,its first flight is to Melbourne, on this 18th...well...someone please correct me?or is it true?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

welcoming brand new Malaysia Airlines a330-323

it arrived and yep its still in hangar 5..
and from Toulouse, France
a brand new a330-323 with new livery,
why they got number 3'23'?instead of using 300? 'a330-300'
well..they got plus 23passenger seat more than previous..

got it from
first flight and it was in Toulouse, France

how about the interior?cabin?cockpit?
well, what i can say is..superb!
the InFlight Entertainment (IFE) also superb, not like ordinary one..i realize that they got usb port, im not sure for what, mp3 i think..hahaha

glass cockpit, isnt it nice?

the headrest at the passenger seat is leather covered not like the common one, using fabric and ofcourse, very2 comfortable, trust me..even u r sitting in economy class, its very2 one of my friend said, "this is very2 comfortable..i wish im going back to dubai with dis aircraft!"

economy class

bout lavatory(toilet)i found dat there is bigger than usual...can occupy more than 2people at one time..