Saturday, February 19, 2011

this blog turns to dusty...rusty blog :)

after awhile..last post was in january..almost a month..or month more...i didnt update my blog...i already a month in Mas...and its great here..the environment is great...especially the working environment...rite now im in hangar 6...which is most wide body aircraft such as B747-400, A330 and B777-200 going maintenance here...the first aircraft i went for is B747-400 then B747f, which is freighter that MASKargo use for...before I was line 6..and this week...line 4..which where B777 undergo maintenance..*which is my favourite aircraft besides than B737..
And the most important thing..night shift..amazing..why?first time working at nite...and infront of the hangar itself got a runway where aircraft departs and land and the surrounding is amazing!

the A330 in line 5...


the day i will never forget...
shes leaving malaysia to new zealand..for study..
and the course took 2years..last i met her was in kl..and the last for 2years at klia.. admit i in relationship with secrets here.. :)
her flight was 10.40pm and rite now shes in wellington, new zealand..
i met her family, especially parents..and there was awkward feeling..hahahaha!
im learning rite now...because i used to 'gayut' with her..every night..texting her use ym or skype to contact each other..

bye2 :(

is there a meaning behind that? :(

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