Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

"hello..hello 2011, goodbye 2010"
Happy new year to all my blog readers..especially my beloved one...*not mentioning who..hahahah
I hope, you have a good, the best year in your life, being a better person, better student, or better worker these upcoming years.
So wuts my new year wish?
Well, i hope i can fulfill my wishlist...hohoho
being a better person
fulfill wut i dreaming before..insyaAllah
Talking bout last year,2010,i had alot of fun, lot of things i dont like..well..experiences teach me be better person, better student...i know..this upcoming year, promises alot of adventure,fun,hate,sad..etc
well, i hoping for the best in year do u.. :D

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