Thursday, January 13, 2011

is it safe?

KUALA LUMPUR: An AirAsia flight to Kuching skidded off the runway Monday night and landed on the grass verge, leaving four passengers with minor injuries.

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said flight AK5218, an Airbus A320, was carrying 124 passengers and six crew members..........

an a320 skidded off the is stated that due to heavy rain..well..if there is rain..shouldnt be a problem for the aircraft itself, i mean, there is anti skid system on the aircraft itself, plusmore, airbus got alot of backup system if there is failure on the system itself. Is it due to human factor? e.g; captain selected disable the anti skid or whatelse..

what is human factor?
The term "human factors" has grown increasingly popular as the commercial aviation industry has realized that human error, rather than mechanical failure, underlies most aviation accidents and incidents.

after looking all the pictures of the crash, looks like the engines of a320 still serviceable, can be use, but the fuselage, looks like there is no chance to see it fly back..pity eh? it has been flying for few years and ends up with crash..luckily no serious injury reported...

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

"hello..hello 2011, goodbye 2010"
Happy new year to all my blog readers..especially my beloved one...*not mentioning who..hahahah
I hope, you have a good, the best year in your life, being a better person, better student, or better worker these upcoming years.
So wuts my new year wish?
Well, i hope i can fulfill my wishlist...hohoho
being a better person
fulfill wut i dreaming before..insyaAllah
Talking bout last year,2010,i had alot of fun, lot of things i dont like..well..experiences teach me be better person, better student...i know..this upcoming year, promises alot of adventure,fun,hate,sad..etc
well, i hoping for the best in year do u.. :D