Friday, December 24, 2010

must have apps in my fone..

hehehe..ofcourse must have...anywhere, anytime with one touch access, i can view status, pictures and videos and comments. The latest one is version 3.3.3 and it is disappointing me.why? it crashes alot.the previous version is better i think. But its still with its own class; via iPhone...nice one :D

2. Foursquare
what is foursquare?
apps which we can 'check in' places. Its more looks like facebook, social networking, but ideal for those who love to travel. :)
If u r using foursquare, add me.heheh..."Mohd Faiz"

3. Photoshop Express
Good news for those who loves to edit pictures. Its free and useful apps. Almost same like ordinary adobe photoshop, but its on iphone!
u can snap the picture, and edit it.nice uh?
Edit instantly after capturing a picture.
cropping a picture?add effect on the picture?
thats shouldnt be a prob..

nice..isnt it?

4. Airasia
Book ticket, check-in(without luggage) can be done by using this apps. Easy, and fast, no need to lineup at the counter to check in with a very looonnnnnnggggg queue...but u cant run from long queue at the security
but, there is 'but' in this apps...
Recently, i traveled from kl to kota bharu, and im using this method to check in, and it generate barcode. and scan it at the scanner at the airport to get the boarding pass, and as i passing through the security check, i check again my boarding pass and i found that, gate number; ok...theres no gate number..huh!

book/check ticket online..useful apps..

And the last is
Yahoo! Messenger
im using ym since i was in secondary school, got alot of contacts, my friends, my family also on it..and the best thing bout it is...the features on ym that we use on laptop are exactly the same in this voice call, and video call..nice uh? :D

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