Friday, December 17, 2010

Exam dah abis...cuti dah here i come!

30/11/2010-Final exam started, and the first paper was Reciprocating Engine Cooling System
As we predicted, the exam wasnt so too bad, or too easy..hehehe

then the exam last 10/12/2010, but I didnt make it, supposed the last paper was 10/12/2010, but was 13/12/2010. It was an unforgiveable incident, why?

the paper was Reciprocating Engine Overhaul, 6/12/2010 and the time was 1200hrs. The story started when one of my housemate copy wrong schedule from the timetable at the exam unit..and the timetable he copied, was the only timetable reference used in our house..i mean..he copied and pasted it at the front door at our house..the problem was he mistakenly copy time of the Reciprocating Engine Overhaul time, the supposed 1200hrs to 1500hrs. And 5 of us, have to sit the exam after writing a letter, application for sitting for special condition exam..and the letter was granted from deputy dean and the exam was on 13th december...


Im going back to Kota Bharu, as usual, my family will be waiting for me at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport.

did u see white spot, i mean white building is? thats miat i managed spot it from air..hehe

few minutes before landing..noted that flaps extended..

Departing time was 1340hrs, and by the way, i use mobile phone to check in, easiest and fastest way to check in instead lining up at the counter.

almost there...and i forgot about 'please turn off the handphone during landing and takeoff'...hehehe

Arrived at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport 1440hrs, and my first lunch was at Nasi Ulam Cikgu..nice one..yummy..ahha
stay at kota bharu for 4days, went back to Lipis,
now Im at Lipis..spending my upcoming holiday..till 26th..

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