Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Its Already October 10/2010

Its already October and I got 1 and half month roughly for this semester(4)...Time is moving fast and Im realize that I will be facing final examination for this sem..if not mistaken middle of November i think...and by the way, next semester will be my OJT (on-job-training), and I took MAS-KLIA, while my other classmate mostly go to MAS-KLIA, and some of them going to APFT, CTRM, Eurocopter (Subang), SAE and Police Airwing..talking bout OJT, there must be night/day shift.
Frankly speaking, Im hope this semester ends soon...cant wait to be in industry..huhuhu
Today, I got practical on propeller, repair propller if dent exist, cause by stone/rock and it was totally testing my patient...why? because... I took half an hour to repair one dent (more likely to an hour..hahahah!)
Tangan kebas sbb duk syok filing, sand paper-ing....huhu

syok btoi duk wat keje sampai tgan kebas..haha

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