Monday, September 27, 2010

im watching it

sounds familiar rite? 2guys a.k.a hunters fighting with 'demons' and all that creepy stuff..haha
well..truth is..i follow that series..seriously starting from season 1 to 5 and currently season 6..haha...

Dean and Sam Winchester are brothers and so Adam..and the know that they have one more brother (Adam) in season 4 (correct me if im mistaken)
what caught my interest in watching this..because..its totally family and brotherhood relationship. Dean is the big brother and always wanted the best for his brother and family. The bond of brotherhood doesnt stop although Sam, for awhile following the darkside, i mean not the correct path to fight demons and so other things, and he cares alot of his brother. And the ending of the season 5 showed alot that brotherhood is forever, and Sam is gone,also Adam. And the best part, flashback, when Chuck writing into his novel about them, especiall whats 'inside' their black 1967 Chevy Impala, that lego stuff, Army soldier toy and they carved name inside the car.
From season 1 to 2, Dean and Sam, following tracks, keeps searching for their father, although its impossible to find,(its US, takes thousand miles to search) and finally found their father(John). But somehow, accidents occured, Dean went into coma, John made a deal with demon and died because of 'the contract'. Family first rite?

And season 6 is ongoing on air..but i didnt sure if it enters Malaysia already, but for sure..there always be torrent for that :)
And ofcourse, 2main characters never die in their own story..hahahah 6

Monday, September 20, 2010

Selamat Hari

Selamat Hari
hehehhe...bersawang sudah blog ni...
Too busy 'beraya' actually.
Just came back from Lipis, Pahang.btw, my raya was at Kota Bharu, which is my parents kampung. The celebration was awesome. Nite before raya, it was 'bakar satay' and guess who, yg jadi tukang bakar satay? its me..hahaha....
masak 5 satay,3masuk dlm perut,2masuk dalam dulang...hahahahahah Im at WMKK/Sepang, continuing what I left for last 2weeks..I mean my study..haha*kinda boring isnt it?
Im stuck at Sepang..and class start as usual...(should I in Raya mood, I mean when there are classes? :D)
see ya later!
(sorry gambar takda..hehehe)