Thursday, June 03, 2010

do and donts when final is coming or still in exam (-_-)


1. Staying up for no reason till you didnt realize that it's already 6a.m

2. Still stuck with ur psp...playing Pes2010, till late.

3. Online....especially on facebook....and ofkos...staying up..

4. Hoping there will be answers on question paper, not questions on questions paper...(weird)

5. Hangout with ur 'lovely' friends at mamak...or other place..especially late nite..till the next morning.

6. And of course...not taking any other word, 24hrs for staying up, not even taking a nap/sleep/rest.


1. Study

2. Study

3. Study

4. Study

5. Study

6. Sleep early

why am i writing this?
coz im having all donts and none of do's...hahahahha :P



aha.. i love the part of STUCK WITH UR PSP, ONLINE n HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS.. hahaa

norecv3 said...

yeah...and im still stuck with my psp...hahaha