Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Assembly And Rigging, Turbine Lubrication System+Turbine Fuel Metering


Doing Turbine Lubrication System practical, mainly on engine ground run on same engine as i mention previous, and i managed to snap some photos using my own phone..doing practical for 30 minutes coz there was a helicopter registered Vietnam going to the has been parked at miat for 4-5 days i think..doing some servicing at miat.

no need towtruck,just use menpower...

A visit to MAS Subang, actually for Turbine Fuel Metering subject. No cameras allowed unless, u managed snap it by using ur fone :P
8.30am-5.30pm...actually the visit was untill 2.30pm but waiting for bus..and became untill 6pm...
There was 747-400p being maintained, and I was told, there was/were crack(s) on engine #4 pylon. So more inspection needed to be inspect to ensure the aircraft is safe to fly,takeoff and landing. B747 isnt big in pictures as u saw it, till u are really2 near to it. I mean when u are above it..hahah :P's the engine of 747...half of my height..heheh

where's bus??well...tumpang orang je la...hahah :P

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