Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen...please put on ur seatbelts please...

hey there..
tiada lagi kemarau...hujan pon dah start..but be careful/be extre careful when driving especially its rain, slippery+poor me. (why/what happened?), just now, my friend caught an accident, (technically caused by poor vision, practically caused by me)

(when?) after went to Bangi, amik tripod ngan was rainy, but not too heavy..lite one...I lead, and he was at back..both on motorcycles, masa satu corner, a car passed by, and my vision turned to zero, silau kes lampu kereta...suddenly, when my vision was ok...i saw green (grass) not road that im heading out from road...almost terbabas...but managed stop my motorcycle..with emergency brakes..but suddenly I heard banging sound, more likely to crash sound and I turned back, my friend was lying on ground besides to his bike..he slightly injured, maybe bruise on his arm, none serious injury..

this is the 5th accident on 5 weeks consecutive that involving my friends..5 accidents involving bikes and they were injured. So, be aware, when driving..especially those who ride bike...

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