Saturday, March 13, 2010

im thinking..

-satria neo
-ninja 250r
-zzr 250
-kawasaki er6n
-eos 500d
(is it just a wishlist??...hopefully its not just a wishlists..heheh)

Semester break just started, its not just a sem break..but study week, im having final examination (part one, part two will be somewhere in june), the exam just for one week..
I will be in Lipis for 5days...hanging out with 5days..hahaha, holiday, for relaxing minds..rite? :D
Actually I love this upcoming sem break..why?elaun masuk...walaupon lewat..but it worth it..after delay..delay and delay, and i just received it 2days ago..supposed on every 28th..but got it 11th..that means late for 10days..almost 2weeks..plusmore, when holiday, nothing to spend much, except when hanging around with friends, but i prefer to stay at home..jimat!...hahah!
Then i got a list of to-pay-bills
-bil air
conclusion;adess, pokai balik den.

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