Monday, March 29, 2010

Turbine Lubrication System.

Huh, what a relief, exam over already, and got only 2 days for holiday. And today, classes as usual.
Got turbine lubrication system practical, and it was in hangar, for two hours.
As usual, opening up the cowling of the engine, and doing some research mainly on lubrication system.
Here some photo:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Credit to skaterblockid

Here is some awesome editing to skaterblockid

Saturday, March 13, 2010

im thinking..

-satria neo
-ninja 250r
-zzr 250
-kawasaki er6n
-eos 500d
(is it just a wishlist??...hopefully its not just a wishlists..heheh)

Semester break just started, its not just a sem break..but study week, im having final examination (part one, part two will be somewhere in june), the exam just for one week..
I will be in Lipis for 5days...hanging out with 5days..hahaha, holiday, for relaxing minds..rite? :D
Actually I love this upcoming sem break..why?elaun masuk...walaupon lewat..but it worth it..after delay..delay and delay, and i just received it 2days ago..supposed on every 28th..but got it 11th..that means late for 10days..almost 2weeks..plusmore, when holiday, nothing to spend much, except when hanging around with friends, but i prefer to stay at home..jimat!...hahah!
Then i got a list of to-pay-bills
-bil air
conclusion;adess, pokai balik den.

addicted to photos!!