Friday, January 08, 2010

Monday, 11 January 2010, new semster, new journey and new challenges waiting for me...

Hey is 8th of January, Friday, I got 3 days for relax as much as I want coz my class will be on 11th January..
2 weeks plus of holiday can be short period..but what can i say...2 weeks pun 2 weeks la..hahah
This semester I'll be facing much and much of subject related to aircraft turbine system..I heard some rumours from my friends..they said that..most of subject that related to turbine engine will be teach by an instructor..well..we'll shall see it it true or not..
Last two days I went to Seremban to my laptop's hardware...well..u know..laptop after two years usage..insufficient harddisk storage, frankly speaking..2years technology late..ahahah...bought 320gb hdd..kaspersky 2010..huh...duit keluar mcm air..ades...hahah...

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