Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is it just a feeling or my instinct?

Hey there..
Im already in new semester, semester 3 already..
last nite..its already 11.00p.m, one of my coursemate called me, asked me to join them to play futsal, and the game was 12.30a.m...but on the way to futsal court, i felt something wrong...i know something will go wrong and i dont know what is it....Perhaps there is no roadblock coz my scooter roadtax already expired, 4days ago. After the game, it was 3a.m...and i slept. The next morning, my feeling on last night was answered, i got an SMS, from piye(one of my coursemate) and the sms was "Ayah kicop meninggl dunia dlm kul 6:30 pg td.."
One of my coursemate, Kicop, his father passed away this morning, 6.30a.m. I was told that Kicop's father went into icu ward about 12a.m...
al-fatihah to Kicop's father...

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