Thursday, December 03, 2009

The inglorious manner

Last 4 days, i found that, my phone's line and broadband was in problem. There were no '3G' line at all. Before this, in my fone.. it shows full signal on the phone. So i crosscheck with my friends phone, and it was the same. So i made a call to Celcom's careline to ask, how long this problem will be.
I called the careline about 10p.m..

Me: Helo, saya nak tnya, henfon saya takdapat signal utk 3G pnyer line. Fone member saya pun sama gak problem dia. Ni problem line ke?

Operator: (Sigh) Cik pakai fone ape?

Me: Nokia 5800

Operator: (Sigh again)....encik perlu off fone utk 20minutes dan on balik fone tu.

Me: tak...maksud saya, area saya ni line problem ke?

Operator: Bagi number ic encik, bagi saya buat semakan..

Me: (giving my ic number)

After a while..he said that my number is active for 3G connection..and yes i know that...

Me: tak..maksud saya line area saya ni problem ke?

Operator: (dengan nada kureng ajar)...u pnya area mana?

Me: Sepang, BBST

Operator: Tunggu sebentar, biar saya buat semakan..

Me: ok..

Operator: Line tak stable maybe kat u punya fone and broadband. Sila off kan broadband u, 20 minit dan cabut simcard dia dan on balik..

Me: (start panas..) I my area..the line is in problem or not? ive already crosscheck with my friends, and it is the same.

Operator: (mengeluh ag..) encik perlu off hp....

Me: i know that ok?, ok bye....

Start je ak ckp..operator tu mengeluh...what?if u tired or boring wif customers, just stop working being an operator..dont make people uneasy wif u...what a shame...

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