Thursday, December 17, 2009

The hard time..will over...for a while..

Hey there..
after two weeks..finally i can breath deeply...(although 2 papers waitin' for me..)
struggling for 12 papers is not easy as u think...same goes to was hard..hard time..physically and mentally must be fit..if'll see a guy dancing hawaii dance at the middle of the road with boxer only...for sure..its not me..heheh
This goin back to home..spending my holiday for 2 weeks plus..and normal routine will start again..thinkin' and thinkin'..i realize that..
"hey thats not fair..struggling for weeks..and i got 2 weeks plus for my holiday?"
compared to my friends...other universities...when the holiday comes..they smile...coz they know...2month of full-adventure-fun holiday waitin' for them...huh...oh no..what a short period...anyone can give me mc's?a book mc with doctor's signature?ahahh

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