Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today is 31st December and tomorrow will be 1st January....

Hi there...
today is already 31st December and tomorrow will be 1st January 2010..
And today's date will be never repeated again...unless you use Doraemon's time machine...hhahah
And I wish to all my blog readers "Happy New Year and Have a great days ahead in year 2010.."

here's photos that related to New eye catching image..i think...quite creative..

new year card 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy new year Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy New Year Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy New Year Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

oh..ok its back again..soon..

Hey there, rite now im 'enjoying' my holiday in lipis, and i got nothing to do...
downloading, downloading and downloading is my routine here.
And this Sunday, I'll be back to Sepang. 7 Jan is my registration day. And 11 Jan, class started. What a short period, cuti kejap..then sambung blaja...huh
But, hey, I'm going to be in 3rd sem...huh...

another 2 sem...i'll be doing two fast ha??
This March, Im not sure whether following my coursemate, they planned for a 'jalan2' to...i dont know whether it will be at Kota Kinabalu, Kuching or Jakarta...perhaps...they will pick up a place for a vacation..not too far...not too money, save time...and save energy...hehe
Hope they'll tell me soon..

Last two days, one of my coursemate offered me...zuhri.."faiz, aku ada keje utk ko..nak?buat website utk ABIM Negeri Sembilan?"
Buat website?for ABIM?
The last website done by me was my school...2years ago..
hope..i still remember how to 'construct' the website...

hmm...after considering..and have a chat with him...
ok...i can accept the offer..but i cant give 100% attention to the website..u still a student..
so...rite waiting further news from him...

edited: 31st December 2009 2:21 am
about the website...they still considering..and zuhri told me...and i got 5 another offer...huh??5 plus 1=6 websites?? :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The beauty of aviation

Monday, December 21, 2009


Its already started...and the starting is express with words...u know..boring+excited=???
Boring coz i got no transport to move around in lipis...if u know about lipis...u might say that..."want to jalan2 ka?"...coz theres nothing can be done much in wif friends??nah...same transport...
excited?playing game whole days without stop..and online fb..hahaha...but...much of games and internet could make me feel bored...huh...perhaps it wont last for this holiday...
My next semester will be started on 11th of January 2010..and the registration day would be on 7th of January 2010...
Recently, I'd chat with one of my ex-classmate..and the chat was about's the announcement..(hehehe); To all ex-5C1 2007, there will be reunion and I'm waiting for ideas from u all..any details...just proceed to my facebook page...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's over...for the time being...

Last paper...3 p.m...the paper was about an hour and 5 minutes...with 5 minutes..ahead me was question paper, answer sheet, pencil...and it was over..Huh..wat a relief...
(ok faiz...take a deep breath....breath...and release...breath..breath...release...)
after 2 weeks of strungglin'...and its already final...and its already over! the feelin' was like...running in marathon race for 2weeks non-stop..for thousands of kilometers..and manage to finish the race...the time is start my 'enjoyable' holiday that will last for 2weeks plus...huh...
Most of my friends are heading to their hometown..and i'll be in i said before...this saturday...i wonder how lipis will look like.heheh(mcm orang tak balik rumah 10 tahun..padahal 3bulan jer..).First thing i want to do is..laundry...all my clothes..then pack all the things..then tomorrow...fetch a train to Kl sentral..waitin' for my dad, fetch me..

If I could fly
Like the king of the sky
Could not tumble nor fall
I would picture it all
If I could fly
See the world through my eyes

The hard time..will over...for a while..

Hey there..
after two weeks..finally i can breath deeply...(although 2 papers waitin' for me..)
struggling for 12 papers is not easy as u think...same goes to was hard..hard time..physically and mentally must be fit..if'll see a guy dancing hawaii dance at the middle of the road with boxer only...for sure..its not me..heheh
This goin back to home..spending my holiday for 2 weeks plus..and normal routine will start again..thinkin' and thinkin'..i realize that..
"hey thats not fair..struggling for weeks..and i got 2 weeks plus for my holiday?"
compared to my friends...other universities...when the holiday comes..they smile...coz they know...2month of full-adventure-fun holiday waitin' for them...huh...oh no..what a short period...anyone can give me mc's?a book mc with doctor's signature?ahahh

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shouting Out Loud!!

"huh?what kind of questions is this!!!??"
"what? whats this?"
"i never thought this will come out.."

(actually these are some of famous dialogues...when final is around..hahah)
rite having my final is totally hard...cant imagine...5 already 7 papers to go..
oh no!
what am i goin to do...?
today got paper..tonite also...tomorrow...(frankly speaking...i dislike the schedule given..but what else i can do?protest?nah...thats not me...)
got new friend..his name is coffe..hahah.."mamak, nescafe o ais..."ahahah

Thursday, December 03, 2009

The inglorious manner

Last 4 days, i found that, my phone's line and broadband was in problem. There were no '3G' line at all. Before this, in my fone.. it shows full signal on the phone. So i crosscheck with my friends phone, and it was the same. So i made a call to Celcom's careline to ask, how long this problem will be.
I called the careline about 10p.m..

Me: Helo, saya nak tnya, henfon saya takdapat signal utk 3G pnyer line. Fone member saya pun sama gak problem dia. Ni problem line ke?

Operator: (Sigh) Cik pakai fone ape?

Me: Nokia 5800

Operator: (Sigh again)....encik perlu off fone utk 20minutes dan on balik fone tu.

Me: tak...maksud saya, area saya ni line problem ke?

Operator: Bagi number ic encik, bagi saya buat semakan..

Me: (giving my ic number)

After a while..he said that my number is active for 3G connection..and yes i know that...

Me: tak..maksud saya line area saya ni problem ke?

Operator: (dengan nada kureng ajar)...u pnya area mana?

Me: Sepang, BBST

Operator: Tunggu sebentar, biar saya buat semakan..

Me: ok..

Operator: Line tak stable maybe kat u punya fone and broadband. Sila off kan broadband u, 20 minit dan cabut simcard dia dan on balik..

Me: (start panas..) I my area..the line is in problem or not? ive already crosscheck with my friends, and it is the same.

Operator: (mengeluh ag..) encik perlu off hp....

Me: i know that ok?, ok bye....

Start je ak ckp..operator tu mengeluh...what?if u tired or boring wif customers, just stop working being an operator..dont make people uneasy wif u...what a shame...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Journey 3 days...ohh...Selamat Hari Raya Haji..

Waiting for final...more likely waiting for countdown to war, doomsday..or something like 11 subjects and the most important thing is, i didnt make any revision..except 'revision' on facebook..:D
my routine; for last two days: switch on laptop, connect broadband, online fb, online there..and eat,drink...etc..heheh...but no books at all...
Before i forgot, Selamat Hari Raya Haji. Last Thursday, I went back to kampung, KB. The funny thing on that day, I got no friends to send me to LCCT. After thinking and thinking..."Zul hantar aku esok pagi..pegi LCCT, nek moto..bley?bwk moto aku jer.."
then..Thursday morning..about 5.30a.m...there was only a scooter..with speed about 80km/h moving at highway towards to LCCT...boarding at 7.40a.m arrived kota bharu an hour later..
Then on was raya haji..and went back to KL on Saturday morning..depart 6.40a.m and arrived at KLIA 7.40a.m..actually on that day no one can fetch me..luckily got Ahmas..(tq bro..)..

an eye catching view at 27,000 feet and it was 7.11 a.m

What a short period..raya at kampung...rite now im sepang...waiting for final..and cant wait for holiday...but only 3 weeks++..huh...