Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mission Codename: M.R.C.S (Masak Roti Canai Sendiri)

In mission...

preparing..for the mission

two 'untalented' chef..actually they havent cook before..hahah

one of my friends say that it is 'amoeba'..oh no...its a mistake...its a roti canai...looks like australia in a million...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Near to end of semester..

Hye there..
Its already November, and for sure, my final exam is coming..less than a month..that will be 2nd weeks of December. So, there will be 'much..much...much...trouble' for me.. coz i didnt start yet my revision. heheh...going to be a lot of trouble for me.
This week, we already finished up Aircraft Painting subject..and other subject still in progress..(to be continued...)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Im here..still bloggin'

Hey there..
Its been months that I didnt update my blog..sorry for that.
Its already early of November, and final exam just a months left. Time moving too fast until I didnt realize that I'm going to sit for final exam..(actually I didnt make any revision on my studies..hahah)
Right now, Im enjoying surfing internet, facebook-ing and bloggin' using my new 'baby' as my broadband modem..N5800xm..heehh..its cost me..and actually the phone is quite useful, I mean, no need to buy usb modem to surf the internet.
Last raya, I had a great month of Syawal with my family members and friends together. Went to kampung after months, and of course, stuck in traffic jam for hours...ahahhaha.This raya haji, I'll be no more facing traffic jam, coz im going to fly..heheh

Here is a video, from AmazingAirAsia youtube channel.

This video quite know what I mean..
Luckily, my next trip to Kota Bharu, I've already pick up my seat...heheh..