Saturday, April 04, 2009

Career trip....

Sorry for no posting for a long usual, same excuse, "I'm quite busy".
On 30 March, which was on Monday, I went to Subang Airport for a career trip under Miat at MAS hangar. It took an hour from Miat to the airport.
Quite disappointing coz at there, we were not allowed to take pictures coz certain reasons and safety issues.

When we arrived, firstly we were given a short presentation about Engineering and Maintenance department and I was told that, at Subang only Mas do heavy maintenance that is overhaul, on their aircraft from A,B,C to D check while at KLIA they only do light maintenance then we were took to see what's inside the workshop such as Avionic Workshop. We were demonstrated by Mas staff about the safety raft. As we were told, safety raft can be inflated by air up to 2000 psi (the pressure is more than my scooter tire pressure..hahah) in 6 seconds. Safety raft also used for emergency exit when there is emergency on ground for example, after emergency landing, they use it instead staircase which took time.

Look how big it is..this safety raft is used in wide body aircraft..

Then we were took to Hangar ( i forgot already which hangar coz it consist 4 hangars...correct me if i'm wrong), I saw aircraft not from Mas under maintenance such as JetStar A320, one B734 (which is under painting) then a A330 Malaysia Airlines which was under maintenance also. We went into A330 and I noticed that they were testing on ailerons. I also saw 2 B747 Mas were outside the hangar.

The MAS A330 interior design..same like other MAS fleet interior design..

The visit took almost 3 hours. And I'm satisfied...heheh

MAS B747 outside the hangar..