Thursday, January 01, 2009

More...more...serious with FS2004

Hi there...happy new year...goodbye 2008 and welcome 2009 =)
After almost a year exposed to Flight Simulator..I've found a very interesting part of FS...that is, you can be Virtual Airliner pilot. Although you didn't get the wage for the 'job' you had, but Virtual Pilot shows how the real life routine, such as going all procedures before take off, make sure all your passengers are secured(on board),extend flap before take off and etc. You also must be on time, or you'll be fine by your company!
I'd found Virtual Airlines website while I was searcing for video in youtube. I was searching for the ILS approach tutorial, then I found the link to the VA site.
The site is
MASVAA stands for Malaysia Airlines System Virtual Airlines Association. And..this VA is still recruiting pilots for all flight simmers in Malaysia.
All information about MASVAA is in the website. And yes...I'm one of the pilots in MASVAA...hehehe..(actually ader la skit2 nak promote..heheh)


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