Monday, January 19, 2009

Busy+classes+no laptop+no internet=not online

Hey there, it's been quite long that I've not online. It's not because I'm not interested in bloggin' or not interested in IT world (these statement is impossible for me..hahah), but I've been busy for two weeks coz got classes. Ok, enough about that.
Now i'm studying for my diploma. My diploma is Diploma In Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Manufacturing). The duration for the course is 3 years and 6 month (quite long huh??). So, for the first semester, I'll be facing physics and Math. Hope I can survive with flying colours here coz the passing marks is 75 and above.If not pass, have to repeat the whole semester (quite tough).
Besides math and physics, I'll be facing new subject that 'alien' for me that are Engineering Practice, Human Factor,etc...
Owh, before I forgot, I have already designed a shirt. For those interested, pm me through YM at See you soon.

This is the is customizable


actually there are two, engineer and pilot...

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