Friday, December 26, 2008

Am I guitly?

Hi's me...back for bloggin'. Today(25 December) is the last day for UiTM students-to-be to prepared themselves. I'm not going there...I'm going to enter to MIAT. My friend, Syafiq, he applied for Pre-Science at UiTM. Then, when the result come out (UiTM intake), that was on 12th November(if not mistaken), he didnt managed to take part as UiTM student. Then, today, while I was surfing the internet, I entered the to helped him to make appeal for Pre-Science course at UiTM, then, I phoned him to asked for his NRIC number. While on the phone, I entered his NRIC in the "keputusan permohonan ke Pra Sains dan Perdangan" to check whether there is link to appeal...
Suddenly...I didnt saw the appeal...but the offer letter.
That was good news for Syafik, but there is another bad...that is...the registration day is tomorrow, 26th November. He got Pre Science at Kuala Pilah. Am I guilty?coz telling this (last minute)??
I hope he still can enter UiTM.

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bantu sme2 bantu....