Friday, November 14, 2008

Last day as 'budak sekolah'

Today it is my last day at SMK Clifford, Kuala Lipis. I've been there since when I enter Form 1. It's about 6 years at there...(quit long huh?). After SPM, I didn't got any offer from IPTA, so my parents decide me to pursue my study at Clifford again for STPM. I heard that STPM is the most difficult exam compared to SPM. Although you must take at least 4 subject, rather than SPM (that is 10 subjects) it is more difficult (my opinion..hehehe...coz i'm lazy...dats why...). All my friends that are my ex-classmate left the school since after SPM. I salute to all my friends that are taking STPM. It's not easy to be like them. So I don't want to take this risk.

Then I applied UniKL Miat (for aviation technology) and UiTM. I'll be quitting as a Form 6 student to enter UiTM at Sg. Petani, Kedah. Then, if I got 'green light' from Miat, I'll enter there (two universities in a year..quite amazing it is right??hahahha)...

Here is my photos...

I'll be missing this moment

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