Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting serious with FS2004

I just downloaded airport upgrade pack at the airport is KLIA.Quite exciting...thanx to the uploader and the builder for the upgrade.The upgrade is for to make the airport become more realistic same as the real one. I'm using Cessna Skyhawk to 'ronda-ronda' at the airport.

"Cessna Skyhawk N176M at runway 32R ready to take off, touch and go...."

Cleared to take off

Flying over KLIA

A boeing 777 is ready to take off's KLIA

After 20-30 minutes later....I decided to make a full stop. The touchdown was ok...but a disaster happened....

CRASH!! Hitting the lamp at the taxiway..A silly mistake...hahahahah


annaheim said... come at last ur plane hit that tiang.haha.~!

norecv3 said...

hahah...i didnt noticed that tiang was on my way to my parking...=)