Friday, November 28, 2008

Good news for me.. =)

Remember that i'd talked about two universities in a year? I dont think so this will happened coz i already got reply from one =)
So, I'll be there 4th January 2009. "I've been dreaming of touching the skies, I'm sure it will be dream comes true one day"

Tayar pancit...

A bad day happened to scoot met a problem when my scoot's tyre punctured when I was on way to my home from I called Syafik..

Me: Hello..weh...aku nak mintak tolong nie...

Syafik: Menda?

Me: Moto aku ni pancit..mintak ko bawak..pi kedai moto..leyh?paham2 je la..aku ni
berat kang rosak lak sport rim aku..hahaha

Syafik: oke2..tunggu aku..ko katner...

Me: aku kat blakang skolah rendah clifford ni..kat busstand..

Syafik: Oke2...jap ag aku sampai...

Then...see the picture...

If you can see...the tube comes out...RM20 fly away..hahahah

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting serious with FS2004

I just downloaded airport upgrade pack at the airport is KLIA.Quite exciting...thanx to the uploader and the builder for the upgrade.The upgrade is for to make the airport become more realistic same as the real one. I'm using Cessna Skyhawk to 'ronda-ronda' at the airport.

"Cessna Skyhawk N176M at runway 32R ready to take off, touch and go...."

Cleared to take off

Flying over KLIA

A boeing 777 is ready to take off's KLIA

After 20-30 minutes later....I decided to make a full stop. The touchdown was ok...but a disaster happened....

CRASH!! Hitting the lamp at the taxiway..A silly mistake...hahahahah

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Changi International Airport - Sultan Ismail Petra Airport (Kota Bharu)

Hi there...this time I'll be posting about my 'flight' from Singapore to Kelantan. There is no routes actually between Kelantan-Singapore. Just for fun ok? Here is my pictures...

requesting taxiing...

flying away from Changi

Making a turn 310 left

Right turn

Final approach at Sultan Ismail Airport

Ronda-Ronda di Heathrow

Playing on FS2004 quite exciting. Flying various types of plane that you dream of.
Here is my flight with Cessna Skyhawk.

Request taxiing from Heathrow Tower

Taxiing....view from the cockpit...

Making a route around the airport

Final Approach

"touchdown"...see the landing gear....nice..

Actually, I'm playing this game for fun. =)

Wait for my next be continued..

New webmaster and moderator for

New webmaster and moderator needed. I was the webmaster for this website. Since I left the school, new webmaster is needed.

Here is the offer:

Moderator@ webmaster bagi yang baru diperlukan.

Syarat-Syarat Kelayakan

Mahir dalam penggunaan komputer dan internet
Sanggup memberi komitmen sepenuhnya
Pelajar SMKC
Tahu berkaitan Joomla serba sedikit

Kepada sesiapa yang ingin/berminat untuk menjadi moderator webmaster, sila hubungi Mohd Faiz b. Ab Rashid dengan menggunakan YM sahaja di

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's holiday again.....

It's middle of November and is coming again. Holiday for students who are not taking any major exam such as SPM, and STPM. About a month and half...quite long....but my holiday is until mid December, where i'm going to enter UiTM at Sg. Petani. Perhaps I can suit myself at there.

Before that, I'll be in Terengganu going to see Monsoon Cup. I'll post bout my holiday at there...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trip to INFRA, Bangi

Last 8th to 10th of August, I went to INFRA. INFRA stands for Institute For Rural Addressment. I went there for Leadership Camp (or something like that...). Firstly, I was told that I'll be following for computer course, but when I arrived,they 'change from plan A to Plan B'(hahahah).

Quite dissapointing..But my 'target' is not for the Computer course..but the allowence..hahahah...Each participant will get RM 105 for three days...And I enjoyed myself at there....

Posing with Syafiq

Four YB's to be...hahahah

It's see that..

It's supper time..

Last day as 'budak sekolah'

Today it is my last day at SMK Clifford, Kuala Lipis. I've been there since when I enter Form 1. It's about 6 years at there...(quit long huh?). After SPM, I didn't got any offer from IPTA, so my parents decide me to pursue my study at Clifford again for STPM. I heard that STPM is the most difficult exam compared to SPM. Although you must take at least 4 subject, rather than SPM (that is 10 subjects) it is more difficult (my opinion..hehehe...coz i'm lazy...dats why...). All my friends that are my ex-classmate left the school since after SPM. I salute to all my friends that are taking STPM. It's not easy to be like them. So I don't want to take this risk.

Then I applied UniKL Miat (for aviation technology) and UiTM. I'll be quitting as a Form 6 student to enter UiTM at Sg. Petani, Kedah. Then, if I got 'green light' from Miat, I'll enter there (two universities in a year..quite amazing it is right??hahahha)...

Here is my photos...

I'll be missing this moment

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hi there...

Hello there, it's been a long time that i've never update my blog. Sorry bout' dat. I've been busy for many things. Since I finished my SPM, I rarely open my blogger acc.

to be continued....